My paintings explore elemental imaginary landscapes, which look like water, earth or sky. I use Conte`, oil and other elements as mediums & experiment with supports as well as with medium. The possibilities of support/surface fascinate me.With support/ surface & mediums trying to push reality to the other side where the ďrealĒ is still recognisable, but start becoming partially SURREAL. I want to see how far I can push both the real and the surreal at the same time, into one another, building that tension until they are just one and the same.

Sometimes I have a clear agenda on my narratives, other times it comes about through painterly process. I want the work to be born from the realm of paint, not illustration.I often use figures (protagonists) to convey my thoughts. The protagonists in my paintings are a wooden horse, rooted boat, giant wheel, burnt dart, large wings, birds, nature and shadow.However, they exist as a reason to push paint around.

I have sometimes used popular sculptures & epic images from different continents and combined them into my concept of expressing my feeling, passion, sentiment into single painting or a series. My endeavour is to separate the very image from its existing and usual context & altering the context of the masterpiece entirely. The protagonists (figures or objects) in my paintings are characters invented in my imagination or ubiquitous in daily life.

I am most interested in sharing sensitive, humanistic, and honest stories of my dreams, personal experience, and conversations

The WOODEN HORSE, in my paintings, often shown in humdrum settings, at times of different conditions surrounding. Itís the monotony of the protagonistís existence against the extraordinary circumstances. it finds itself in, that provides; somewhat mysterious attitude. Visually, my painting has to have a quality to highlight the feelings the character is experiencing.

The series took 3 complete years, conceiving, thinking & painting, FINALLY, It has been done the way, perhaps this is the way to do it! .( First take a time to assess what would make me feel satisfied; at times Iím feeling tense, looking at the blank canvas & other times I m putting my expression & artist ability on canvas seeking for meaningful acceptance... Then take one canvas at a time and put them up on the wall. ) Giving it a final touch, I am satisfied with my role and responsibilities. It is giving me a sense of achievement at the end of the day.

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